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LIMVP version 2009

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...hymnorum canticorumque dulcedo distillat.

Author: Jiří Žůrek
In cooperation with: Ladislav Cígler, Julie Černá, Jaroslav Havrlant, Marie Salvetová, Martina Sládková, Bára Turková, Kateřina Voleková.
Additional information on provenience, dating and decoration of the Czech manuscripts: Marina Šárovcová

The LIMUP Database collects detailed information about the content of the liturgical manuscripts of the Utraquist provenance which are preserved in the Czech Republic. In addition, the database contains basic information about 1198 extant liturgical manuscripts from 9th - 19th centuries which may be of Catholic, Utraquist or Protestant origin but used in the Czech lands. The detailed catalogue of the content is offered in 162 cases of manuscripts from 15th, 16th and the beginning of 17th century. Every chant, antiphon, prayer and liturgical texts of any kind may be found together with its rubrics, with the information about notation, liturgical specification and the location within the manuscript. In the sum, there are 96 463 items stored in the database. LIMUP is fully searchable with various criteria which may be combined together. It is also possible to browse the content of individual manuscripts and to compare different manuscript.

The development of the database was supported financially by Grant Agency of the Czech republic, project no. 401/02/0042.

From 2009, an editorial project of the Utraquist chant was started. The critical edition of the chants dedicated to Saints in under development. In the course of the preparatory work, database LIMUP served as a data pool for the concordances. Thanks to this interaction, we were able to enrich the database with the content of newly discovered or earlier neglected manuscripts and to correct many errors and omissions. The creation of the updated version of the database was thus supported  by the by Grant Agency of the Czech republic, project no. 401/09/0419.

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